• John Ha

How did I get started into magic?

Almost everyone I meet asks me all the time, how did i get started in magic? It all happened very innocently back in 2005 when I was just a little kid. I had no idea what magic is or what a magician was, not a single clue. My friend showed me a card trick where he let me pick a card and then he put it into the middle of the deck, then I tapped the top of the deck, and there it was.. My selected card. That one trick drove me crazy, I sat there for hours and hours just thinking of how it was possible. I had no idea, and now I was hooked into magic. I asked him to teach me and he wouldn't. I'm really glad he never showed me how it was done back then, because that really sparked the magic bug in me. I had such a strong drive to learn magic now, I went onto google and learned my first card tricks and started to practice on my little sister. I impressed her, and then I grew from there. I bought magic books, researched everyday on magic, joining the magician club in Ottawa and Vancouver, meeting professional magicians and getting advice from them. I started performing magic at my school everyday, everybody loved it. I made all the kids scream in amazement. I did talent shows in high school. Ever since that night where I first saw that one trick, I have never looked back. I love magic and it has made me into who I am today.



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